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The Firm stands for highest quality of work in all aspects of Intellectual Property, including Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Designs, Plant Varieties, Emerging IPs, Licensing and transactional IP. We offer an exceptional capability in maintaining an acceptable cost to quality matrix in the region. The Firm has deep strength in diverse technical fields including Automotive, Mechanical, Machinery, Electronics, Telecom, Communications, IT, Material Sciences, Metallurgy, Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Medical Devices and Aerospace engineering.

With over 18 IP professionals including lawyers and Patent agents, we pride ourselves in serving IP needs of businesses of varied sizes and structures with accuracy and a swift turnaround time. Our intellectual property specialists have expert qualifications and extensive practical experience in science, technology, business and the law.

We are a professionally managed law firm, and are regularly engaged for thoughtful and reliable IP solutions for our clients. The firm balances commercial realities with legal pragmatism.

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475+ Finished projects
85 Patents
1600 Cup of coffees
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Our happy clients.

“The team at Wonder IP provide patent search service that is professional, cost effective and responsive. Team always replies promptly to requests for estimates and provides search results on time and within budget.”


Fortune 500 Taiwan Firm

“Aman and her team are seasoned experts in Intellectual Property, Patents, Process Outsourcing, Claim Charts, Patent-to-Product Mappings, Patent Valuations, Patent Audits, and every combination and customization of IP Products and Services.”


Washington DC based Law Firm

“The team at Wonder Solutions has experienced pool of engineers and lawyers with experience in Business and Intellectual Property strategy. The team demonstrates excellent background in creation, management and commercialization of patents. I have had the privilege to network with many people in patent space, however, the engineers at Wonder IP possess innovative thinking and ability to identify and extract business value.”


Partner, Ukraine based Law Firm


Each business is different, and your motivation for seeking IP strategy advice needs to be understood. Our bespoke IP strategy advice service operates at the intersection of in-depth technical and strategy advice.

We implement comprehensive service and advice in a wide spectrum of intellectual property issues.

We have realms of experience in all areas of IP law. Our holistic approach to intellectual property helps clients avoid blind spots while maximizing the benefit their creations bring to their business.

Patent Searching & Analytics

Searching is also an important tool for assessing whether the costs of applying for patent protection are merited. Our tailored patent searching services provide increased confidence at a cost that is acceptable.
1. Novelty Searching
2. Freedom-to-operate opinions
3. Landscape and whitespace analysis
4. Infringement and EOU extraction
5. State-of-the-art analysis
6. Competitor Watch
7. Patent Portfolio Management

Patent Litigation

Patent litigation and dispute resolution can be very costly and time consuming, unless strategically managed. Despite these pitfalls, with proper planning, patent litigation can be a valuable tool to gain business value and open new business opportunities.
We work closely with clients to understand their business goals, and devise/implement an effective patent litigation strategy. Our team helps clients maximize benefits from litigation, and minimize costs, effort, and time. Our litigation approach avoids long drawn court battles, and aims to achieve business results.
1. Strategic Patent Enforcement/Defense
2. Alternative Dispute Resolution
3. Patent Settlements
4. Assessment of Patent Dispute/Opinion

Patent Drawings and Illustrations

At Wonder IP, we have a team of highly skilled illustrators have been adding value to the patent applications by providing patent drawings that clearly illustrate the invention or an idea, meets the respective PTO guidelines thus enhancing the possibility of faster patent grant.
We have significant experience with IP drawings in medical, biotech, mechanical and electrical engineering, high-tech and chemistry sectors. Our drawings reliably comply with all PTO and PCT requirements for filing utility, design and trademark applications.
1. Utility
2. Design
3. Technical Illustrations

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